Abstract Fluctuations

“Abstract Fluctuations” is an audio visual performance by Farzané and Arash Akbari.

The sound piece explores phases of noise-driven sound transformations, forming a narrative of discrete morphosis. Generative algorithms drive synthesis and processing units that use noise as parameters of their building blocks, generating sound, and transforming the outputs of the synthesis section, as well as a library of field recordings from the noise on a construction site in the Hague. The results are then layered in real-time, shaping a sonic collage of parallel transformations.

The visuals are generated in real-time using custom graphical shaders and feedback loops without the use of textures and footage. The visual system uses noise and cyclic waves as the source materials which are affected by a real-time controlled processing chain and fed back into the system in a feedback loop process.

“Abstract Fluctuations” aims to explore noise, not as an element of disturbance in perceiving information but as an independent entity, capable of forming patterns and narratives by decoupling it from its context and creating abstractions of it.