“FORMANTS” guides a journey into an artificial three-dimensional space. It creates an experience of de-familiarization, as the listener’s auditory system gives contradictory information from the current space. This detachment liberates the listener from the present, offering a distinct perspective of the ordinary space. It questions how sonic elements shape an experience and how they reinforce, conceal or merge into one another.
It depicts a chaotic dynamical space, emerged from three unassociated locations around the globe. Field recordings of these three separate environments are forming an artificial one, as they morph, mask and combine with one another. The composition is structured by a Rössler attractor, where each of the three non-linear differential equations controls the listener’s presence in each particular space. The artworks were created using the visual outputs of different variations of the Rössler attractor, processed by custom image processing algorithms in real-time. The Rössler function is used as the composition method, as well as a metaphor for describing the entanglement of time and space in the technological age.
“FORMANTS” is a limited edition physical release. Each of the three signed editions portrays a unique space, taking advantage of the emergence in chaotic functions. They will not be re-issued, streamed, or digitally released. 

Field Recording, Coding, and Composition by Farzaneh Nouri
Artwork by Arash Akbari
Mastering by Leonidas Kontis for Duality Sound Lab