“FORMANTS” guides a journey into an artificial three-dimensional space. It creates an experience of de-familiarization, as the listener’s auditory system gives contradictory information from the current space. This detachment liberates the listener from the present, offering a distinct perspective of the ordinary space. It questions how sonic elements shape an experience and how they reinforce, … Read moreFORMANTS

Leakage Radiation

Pulsar.scramble vol. 3 by Farzané “All tracks are composed using pulsar synthesis, an advanced form of particle synthesis used to generate trains of sonic particles. Its output ranges from singular impulses and sequences to continuous tones across multiple perceptual timescales.”Pulsar​.​scramble vol. 3 CompilationReleased April 2, 2021 via $ pwgen 20Mastering by Leonidas Kontis for Duality … Read moreLeakage Radiation


CHIASMA by Farzané CHIASMA is a prototype, representing the initial results of my project on composing with genetic algorithms and evolutionary computation. Genetic algorithms provide means of numerical and combinatorial optimization by generating more promising ideas from a specifiable set of components and processes. Individuals of an initial population with a random set of genes … Read moreCHIASMA