The installation questions the definition of time as a standard grid in machine listening. It aims at exploring alternative means of machine listening design and communication with a reactive or collaborative machine in computer-assisted and computer-generated music. Platonia speculates how the listening and interpretation of a machine from sounds, influences its perception of its environment, … Read morePlatonia

Experimental Field Recording at Guterstoff Festival

Experimental Field Recording at Guterstoff Festival

The workshop provides an overview of experimental field recording, exploring various techniques, strategies, and tools. Theoretical aspects such as taxonomies and the history, as well as related topics to the discipline including Musique Concrète, Deep Listening, Soundscape, and Acoustic Ecology,…. will be discussed. This will be followed by a lecture on technical aspects such as … Read moreExperimental Field Recording at Guterstoff Festival

Workshop on digital art at Alliance Française Rotterdam

Workshop on digital art at Alliance Française Rotterdam

The workshop aims at introducing digital art and programming to beginners. With the LEGO BOOST robots provided, they will learn how to build and program simple robots that produce artworks of their choice. They will then have the opportunity to exhibit the artworks. The goal of this workshop is to encourage kids to think differently … Read moreWorkshop on digital art at Alliance Française Rotterdam

Énacteur x Hugo I

by Farzaneh Nouri, Hugo Lioret.8-channel live improvisation performance, 10’The piece is an experiment on improvising with the first prototype of Énacteur, an AI-driven collaborator designed for live improvisation. Énacteur uses machine listening UGens to analyze the sound produced by the other musician, synthesizes sound material in response, and spatializes the piece to 8 channels in … Read moreÉnacteur x Hugo I

Abstract Fluctuations

“Abstract Fluctuations” is an audio visual performance by Farzané and Arash Akbari. The sound piece explores phases of noise-driven sound transformations, forming a narrative of discrete morphosis. Generative algorithms drive synthesis and processing units that use noise as parameters of their building blocks, generating sound, and transforming the outputs of the synthesis section, as well … Read moreAbstract Fluctuations


“FORMANTS” guides a journey into an artificial three-dimensional space. It creates an experience of de-familiarization, as the listener’s auditory system gives contradictory information from the current space. This detachment liberates the listener from the present, offering a distinct perspective of the ordinary space. It questions how sonic elements shape an experience and how they reinforce, … Read moreFORMANTS



“Infomorph” is a speculative interactive VR experience that addresses themes of reality, life, and the relationship between human, machines, and nature in a post-human future where living in the physical world is no longer possible or needed. It narrates the mind transfer process of one of the last human’s biological consciousness, while an AI agent … Read moreInfomorph

CurrentsFM Skill Share Session

Data-Driven Composition The session starts with a short introduction to my own background, work, and the tools that I use in artistic sound production.The subjects covered during this session include:-Definitions of terms like data sonification, data bending, and mapping-Data properties and types-Various data representations-Categorization of sonification approaches-Mapping, polarity, and scaling-Creative approaches to exploring mapping techniques-Computer-based … Read moreCurrentsFM Skill Share Session



INTRA-ACTION aims to explore the relationship between spectators’ temporal locations and decisions with the system’s agency as well as methods of utilizing movements, trajectories, locations, and forces in spatiotemporal development of responsive audiovisual environments. It consists of a boid system that reacts to the position of participants as well as its own internal rules. Each … Read moreINTRA-ACTION